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Product Launch Checklist

A detailed checklist before you send your product to market

Consumers are increasingly becoming immune to advertising. HOWEVER, when it comes time to purchase, consumers need the information, this is when they turn to your packaging to get the information they need to make their purchasing decision, because of this it is highly important that the information the customer needs to complete the purchase is on the packaging.
Compulsory Information

  • Logo / Brand Name
Seemingly obvious, but ensure your product logo is clearly visible and recognizable. Key factor when establishing a brand

  • Product Name
This is not your slogan, your product should have a name that resembles what the product is. Example: Apple (Brand) and iMac (Product Name)

  • Product Description
You don't want a consumer to even second guess what your product is or what it does. Add the description to "safe-guard" any confusion. Example: PC (Apple Inc. have instead used a picture of the product on all its packaging)

  • Nutritional Facts / Ingredients (if applicable)
Consumers are rapidly becoming more health conscience and are interested in what ingredients and nutrition the product contains. It is highly unlikely a consumer will purchase a product that has not got the important information on it. It can also be used as a key selling point. Example: Low-Fat, High-Protein etc.

  • Health Warnings (if applicable)
Often legally required and should not be forgotten.

  • Volume / Weight / Quantity
Consumers want to know what they buying and how much of it for the price they are paying. When 2 products are compared on a price basis where pricing is similar, the deciding factor could be the quantity received which comes down to value for money

  • Registered Numbers (if applicable)
More applicable to the pharmaceutical industry where some products are registered with certain medical councils. Often each country has its own council where products are registered. This registered number needs to appear on the box where it is distributed.

  • Contact Information
Its always good to have a contact number / customer care-line where consumers can make contact to find out information or provide feedback on your product.
Optional Information

  • Bar-code
Required for retail purposes.

  • Directions for use
It does sometime happen where your product is used incorrectly. Incorrect use can negatively affect your product value with the consumer, its always good to rather be safe than sorry.

  • Certifications
If your product is certified to be Halaal / Kosher etc, its certainly useful to add this information.

  • Awards
A great marketing tool, if your product has won any awards it encourages others to purchase the product.

  • Product / Brand Story
This adds a good history to your product, some brands have pulled this off very well where the product becomes an experience. Example: Hot Sauce - Story: "Sourced from the deepest volcano where the strongest chillis are harvested". You can really have fun with this and aim to create an experience for the consumer.

  • Trade Marks
If you have registered or trade marked your product, don't forget to add this information.
Disclaimer: The information provided above is only a guideline and does not over ride any industry laws regarding product packaging. Please consult your industry governing body or legal representative to ensure your packaging is in line with industry laws and standards.