Folding Cartons
Every great product needs attractive packaging. Using a carton for your product makes distribution easier and gives your product a professional look while also providing the consumer the information they need to make a purchasing decision.
We also offer our clients full product mock-ups before going to print, this ensures that when the final product is delivered it exceeds expectations.
Printed digitally for shorter runs and litho for longer runs
Download our
Die-line guide book here!
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Straight Tuck End

Reverse Tuck End

Straight Tuck End Carton | GateWay Packaging
Our guidebook is specially developed to help you get a better understanding of the possibilities you have available to you when deciding what the best carton choice is for your product.
Reverse Tuck End | GateWay Packaging

 5 Panel Display

Book End

Seal End

5 Panel Display Carton |  GateWay Packaging
Book End Carton | GateWay Packaging
Seal End Carton |  GateWay Packaging


Header Card

POS Display

H.Lock Carton |  GateWay Packaging
Header Card Carton |  GateWay Packaging
POS Display |  GateWay Packaging

Pillow Pack



Pillow Pack Carton |  GateWay Packaging
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Sleeve | GateWay Packaging

Foot Lock Tray

Foot Lock Tracy |  GateWay Packaging
Custom Cartons?
All our cartons are made specifically to your requirements, the size, shape and print are all done to meet your requirements and to ensure that your product packaging is perfectly suited to your product.
No problem! We are able to custom manufacture any shape carton that is best for your product!
With a range of finishing options available.
Die-Cutting  |  Varnishing  |  Laminating | Foil Stamping  |  Embossing  |  Creasing  |  UV Spot Varnish
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Need to label your product?

A label sells your product, with a great label potential users become attracted to your product. Once they are attracted, they then consider making a purchasing decision. Often based on the visual appeal of the product as a whole.
We are able to offer our clients a wide range of quality labels that will enhance their products visual appeal. We have the ability to print labels in small (from 1 label) and long runs in any size or shape and at a fast turnaround time (within 48 to 72 hrs)
Printed digitally, perfect for small to medium runs.